Your bridal makeup artist is one of the most important people on your wedding day. You may hire a celebrity bridal makeup artist or a local one, there are certain things that you should know as a bride before you do the final booking

You may think – how difficult is it to find the bridal makeup artist of your dreams? Trust us, it’s not that simple. Just because someone’s work looks spectacular on social media, that doesn’t mean that you can hire them. There are multiple factors that are involved in this process. As professional bridal makeup artists ourselves, we decided to give you a few tips on things that you should remember before you book one.


One of the most important steps to filtering out bridal makeup artists on your list is checking if your budget matches the artist’s rates. Every artist has a set rate card for bridal looks, and unless you are going for more than 4-5 looks with the same artist, the price is usually non-negotiable. So keeping a 5% buffer, understand what your budget is for each of your wedding looks and then shortlist your vendors.

Start Your Research Early

Top bridal makeup artists get booked a year or 6 months in advance in the peak season! We too take bridal bookings at least 4-5 months in advance as it’s easier to chalk out the calendar. Many bridal makeup artists do destination weddings, so they are usually travelling for a day or two pre and post the wedding. Chances are that you might lose your wedding date in this scheduling. So make sure you zero down on 2-3 artists at least 5-6 months in advance.

Be Transparent

If you have a destination wedding, don’t ask quotes of an in-city wedding and then negotiate. Destination wedding rates are always different because of the travel plus the fact that bridal makeup artists do 2-3 brides on one day when they are in the city, while at destination weddings, it’s just you. Be honest and professional about this.

Meet The Artist

We would advise you to meet the artist before you book them or even take a trial with them. Knowing the person personally makes a huge impact on how you gel together. Meeting them would give you a good sense of their personality, work style and even help you understand how comfortable you will be having them in close confines with you on your wedding day.

Questions you can ask your probable bridal makeup artists

  1. Who specifically is in charge of makeup and hair? (all events) – Many artists have assistants who do hair or makeup for smaller events while the main artist does wedding. You should know the team because you may be under the assumption that the main artist is doing all the looks and that’s why you agreed to pay that rate.
  2. What products do they use? – This is extremely important. While almost everyone in this field uses high-end products only, it’s a vital question. In case you are allergic to any brand or product, this would be a good time to mention this
  3. What all is included in the rate? – Another good question to ask. We at professional makeup studio offer our brides different packages; some include pre-bridal care like facials, haircuts, nails while some just have hair and makeup. Specifically ask about draping, lashes and hair extensions because usually those are extra.
  4. How long will it take them to get you ready for each look? – Usually wedding looks take slightly more time than others because of draping plus elaborate hairdos. So in case you have back to back events, ask the bridal makeup artist on approximate time duration.
  5. Do they allow photographers while getting ready? – Most brides want their pictures clicked while getting ready. Run it past the artist and see what they say. Some are okay with it, some aren’t since photography can eat into the limited time. So it’s always safer to ask, especially if you are keen on getting those images.

Ask For Discounts, But Don’t Haggle.

There is a difference between asking for a discount and haggling. Do understand that if you push too much, the services that you get may be cut down so there is really no point. You can ask for a bulk rate if you have sisters or a bridesmaid getting ready with the same artist – but haggling doesn’t seem right.

Check For Booking Amount
Every bridal makeup artist takes an advance (usually non-refundable) to book the dates that you specify. Ask what mode of payment, amount and date that they are looking to close at. That way you can decide with all factors in hand.

Your Looks
While you can discuss your looks in detail once you finalize your bridal makeup artist, it’s a good idea to discuss what you have in mind. If the artist is uncomfortable/not an expert in doing a specific look or hairdo you want, you should know that beforehand

Take a trial with at least 2 artists that you have shortlisted. This will not only give you a fair idea about their work but you can also try the looks that you want beforehand so that you can judge if those suit you. Also, ask the makeup artists if the trial is paid or free. Most artists adjust the trial amount in the booking, if you go ahead with the final booking.

All Details
Before paying the advance amount, have a contract or a formal official email with everything from deliverables to dates mentioned in writing. This way if there are any cancellations, date changes or any kind of last minute delays, you can deal with the monetary issues in a professional manner.

Being Kind
You need to understand this (a lot of brides don’t!) that just because you are paying a bridal makeup artist that doesn’t mean that he or she is your servant. They are human and they can make mistakes. If you don’t like a certain look, makeup, hairstyle – you can ask for a change or tell them that this will not work without being rude or raising your voice. They are professionals, so as professionals ourselves, we can vouch that any artist will want to be their brides happy, instead of grumpy. So if you communicate with them politely, chances are higher that they will go an extra mile to make your look the way you want it to be. As J. Ruskin says – A little thought and a little kindness are often worth more than a great deal of money!

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